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This is going to be a LONG review but if you are in the position where I was with wanting to really get rid of your property this is a MUST READ. Chrissi Gaddie was the first realtor that I called. I had a rental property in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia that was more of an expense than an investment. This property was attached to a house that was in a fire and had not been fixed yet meaning the house was still abandon next to me. NOT a pretty site. I told Chrissi the whole story and was desperate. I wanted to put it on the market for a lower price than what she got for me. Chrissi was like an angel that God sent to me to help guide me with this house. She recommended fixing a few things and I can NOT EXPLAIN HOW GRATEFUL AND HAPPY I am that I listened to her. We listed the house for more than the original asking price that I wanted and not only did she get it for me but we got FULL ASKING price with no negotiation at all. Not to mention the house was on the market for less than 1 week before we were getting offers left and right. In less than 2 weeks we got an official deal. She was like my personal lawyer when it came to real estate. I was desperate I was sad but now I am beyond happy and grateful. I can definitely say that I saw the light at the end of the dark tunnel when Chrissi sold that property. Extremely grateful, happy, thankful…words just can’t describe. When I am ready to buy or sell another property I will be doing business with her again. Thank You, Re linc and thank Christine Gaddie.

  • Delilah Gallelli
  • Port Richmond

Very professional and knowledgeable of the market. You’d be in very good hands with this real estate agent.

  • Li Adenuga
  • West Mount Airy